It gives me great pleasure to present you with a new technology of strawberry agriculture in raised rows covered with foil.


The strawberry agriculture on foil is a new method and for its application the possession of special machines is indispensable. The up-to-date technology can be divided into three basic phases:


  • the first one — consists of right land formation into prism-shape rows;
  • the second phase — includes covering these rows with a special foil;
  • the third phase — is making holes in the foil covered rows.
    The holes serve for planting rooted seedlings in.

In order to carry out these actions, the land must be preliminarily adequately prepared, this is, it has to be fertilised with the mineral components necessary for the strawberry plants development.

To maintain good durability in time of multi-year exploitation, the rows of prisms should be pressed tightly. The rows width can be decided individually during the exploitation depending on the system accepted at a plantation.

The average period of strawberry fruiting is 3-4 years. To keep continuity of the plantation in a good condition, its annual, partial replacement is needed. It consists of liquidation of old rows and preparation of new ones for young strawberries. For this, well rooted seedlings are necessary.

The plastic "Quick-pot" boxes are used for better rooting of the newly cut seedlings. The rectangular shape boxes comprise 77 (7x11) small truncated pyramid shape containers. The containers are to be filled with peat, and then a young seedling is put into each of them for a proper rootage.

The advantages of the above technology:

  • earlier picking time (5-10) days
  • no straw bedding
  • minimal amount of chemical weed-killers to be used
  • better maintenance of fruits
  • easier fruit collection
  • faster, easier preparation of seedlings for a new plantation and its tidier maintenance

The introduction of the presented technology also in agriculture of melons and water-melons is quite a novelty


For the application of these three phases, indispensable for the strawberry agriculture according to the presented technology, there is necessary the implementation of the following three basic machines: "Row-machine", "Foil-machine" and "Hole-maker" - which are produced in Poland only by MAFRA®. The experience within exploitation of these machines for this method has been gained, and still is being gathered, during the work on the strawberry plantations in Sweden. Besides, MAFRA® is a producer of many other machines making the plantation maintenance easier, information of which you shall find in our offer.

All machines presented to you possess the patent, CE and B certyficate.

On a client‘s request, the production of a machine following individual requests is possible.

We induce you to take use of our proposal within your own different and interesting ideas.

With best regards,

Director Franciszek Maciejowski