To facilitate the collection of strawberries and their protection against crushing,
the application of the following packaging is indispensable.

Barrow — the use of barrows is very convenient for facilitating the transportation
of protective packaging during strawberry collection. This method allows easy
relocation of containers during picking time. The barrow is placed and moved
between the rows of strawberries and it has a wide handle for easy operation.

Containers — stiffened packaging for strawberries. They may be made
of carton or plastic, cuboid in shape, with a square base and 1 litre capacity.
A strawberry filled up container weighs ca 0.5 kg.

Crate — a stiff element protecting containers against their deformation
during picking and transport. One crate takes in 15 (3x5) containers.
It is made of wood, plastic or carton. The crate dimensions comply with
these of "euro - pallet” enabling placement of 40 (4x10) containers on one pallet.